Tomorrow is Elenas 29 Birthday
My dearest Son, Tomorrow you leave Saudie !!!!! That sounds so great – neat – fabulous – fantastic – simply delisious. just soooo good., yet sad no one will be there to give you a BIG hug and let you know how truly proud we all are of you. But if you believe hard enough you will know I’m with you. You’ll feel my hug and kiss and see my tears of happiness. Oh LouieI sure wish I had been there. But no worry, when you come home it will all happen. So hang on for a little while longer.

Louie, I need to tell you about the letter you got that you didn’t know what to think of it. One day I was feeling a little low and had been hearing for a while about the hard child hood you all had had. So I just sat down and wrot that letter. I had 10 copies mad so all ten of you got one. No big deal. Just your mom moping. But all is fine now.

I hope you know how very proud I am of you. You are very special to me, and never in your life have you ever done anything to make me feel any different. Its just at times I think funny thought. Could be my age you know. As Nena says I’m hitting the century mark.

I got your letter with the pictures. It sure is nice. You two guys are very nice looking. the word is handsome. Anyone could tell your brothers. It’s a good memory I hope of your stay in Saudi.

Well Louie Robert called and he says that he doesn’t know if hes going to Japan or not. It seems he’s going to be deactivated sooner than he thought, so he doesn’t know for sure whats going to happen. I think that they (Kim Josh and Robert) are doing pretty good. They might be having $ problems, but I’m sure they’ll find a way to fix them. I know that for a while things will be hard on them, but with patients, hard work, love and hope, they will be okay. I’m so glad that they are far from us, that way we can’t cause them any problems. Pray for them.

Mada, called also, she wants to come home next week-end. Her last day of work is tomorrow, so Lisa is gonna try to go get her.

I believe Sue is looking for a different place to live, so she can take Stephie home. I sure hope things work out for her. I have a lot of faith,that they will.

as for Nena she’s all excited about her birthday. She says she want to Party.. It seem like just a little while ago Nena was a baby. Now she’s gonna be 29. Gosh God is so good.

Dolores is having a good time. She misses home, but she sounds really happy. I don’t think she’s ready to come home just yet.

Mike is making a closet for Jovita, then he’s gonna make her a stand for her stereo and records. So he’ll be busy a few days.

Rich has done a few odd jobs for Rosemary so he’s been a little busy also.

Chris is hanging around with yep Shanon they seem inseparable, they have a lot of fun and do all kinds of crazy things. So its okay. She spends a lot of nights at Shannons and she spend a BUNCH here.

Last week-end Lisa took Richard to Cruces. Chris spent Friday night at Sannon. So there was just Stephie, your Dad and I here. So we ordered pizza. Sat. evening Chris, Stephie, Dad and I went out to eat. Sunday your dad cooked on his new grill. Jovita ate with us. It was one nice and peaceful weekend. I really enjoyed it. Sometimes I enjoy just your Dad and I here. We don’t talk much. But its nice. I read, he watches T.V. we eat. Its different. After so many always here I think we relax a bit. But after awhile both of us are hoping for the kids to come home. Funny we really can’t be without some one here at home.

Lisa is working tonight She is gonna work tomorrow, then she’ll have 5 days off. I think that why she want to go to Ablq. But I’m not sure yet if she is.

Stephie and A.J. are doing pretty good. I really enjoy them, but they can tire a body out real quick. The never get tired, Never. Your crawling and they are still going at High Speed. I want you to know I’ve really missed Josh. He is such a Doll. A very happy baby. I think he is going to be real smart and a lot of trouble while he’s little because he has an awful lot of energy. You are going to fall in love with him when you meet him. He is really special.

I’m still going to my class the more I go the more I enjoy. I always learn something new and its always exciting, never a dull lmoment. These ladies are very special, cause they want to learn so that why it so much fun. I think next Tuesday we are going to have out class at the Park. Someplace different.

Louie do your remember Mr. Taylor the math teacher at Smith School? Well he died he was only 50 years old. Mrs. Merrill your kindergarten teacher also dies she was 63. Its really kind of sad.

Well son guess I’ll sign off now. Know that I love you and my blessings and prayers are with you always.

Please take care – grab hold- and may God bless you and keep yousafe and well. May He always be your guide Always at your side.

I love you Tu Madre

It has been raining since about seven this evening. Theres a lot of lightning and thunder. The lights keep going off. So this letter is messier than usual. Its now 11:30 pm and very cool. We have been having 99-104 days nights have been 60 – 70. so tonight is really nice. sleeping wather.

I forgot to tell you Cabron is doing well. The kids love that dog. He barks to much, eats to much and shits all over the yard. But h’s gonna stay here cause I’ve learned to like him too.

Take care Tu Madre

happy cause you left Saudi