Mada's Tribute to MOM.

First Anniversary in Heaven


An angel's first year in heaven
Please don't weep for me no more
Don't let grief consume your life.
For I am in a state of bliss
No sorrow or no strife.
For death is not the end of all
It's but the very start.
I have left my love with you
To hold within your heart.
It's not a year without me
It's a  year with God and glory.
It's not the end of a life
But the beginning of my story.
For I have not left you
I am with you everywhere.
All the things we used to do
I'm by your side to share.
The children that are in your care
The one's I loved so dear.
I still watch them lovingly
For I am always near.
When you hold them close to you
Singing a lullaby so sweet.
I am singing harmony
While sitting at your feet.
So the loneliness that you feel
Please try to turn around.
For the author of my life
Has brought me to hollowed ground.
My life among the angels
Was what God planned for me.
Please accept that He knows
I'm where I'm suppose  to be


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